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Mosquito Truck Spraying Schedule


There are no scheduled truck applications for Friday July 19th through Sunday July 21st. Next update will be on Monday July 22nd.

Weed and Pest crews treat for larval mosquitoes daily in all parts of the city and surrounding areas.

The number of vector mosquitoes, those capable of transmitting disease, remains low.

After a significant spike in nuisance mosquito numbers several weeks ago, we have observed a steady decline across the majority of the city.

Some areas on the southeastern edge of town are still experiencing periodic spikes in mosquitoes and we will continue to monitor and treat as needed.

County residents several miles north of Cheyenne are experiencing a large spike in nuisance mosquitoes which should steadily decline barring more heavy rain events.

This page will be updated with any new information by 4:00pm daily.

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